Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Ramblings

Me just got back home after dropping a friend at the airport. Srikanth left for the US of A to present a paper at the ISEE 2008( International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment) at San Francisco on the 19th . His paper is on 'an alternative to the present hydrogen generation methods', and he's also got a proposal for implementation of this technique in a motorcar. He gets to go to SF with his partner and present his 'idea' at an international IEEE conference. Now, even forgetting the part that he gets to enjoy a sponsored (okay only 50% is from the sponsor, and the rest bout' 35k is his) vacation in the US of A in his third year of college; i just can't stop thinking bout' how awesome it would be to have a IEEE conference certificate in your resume file when the companies come knocking next semester. Damn..

Okay, nuff said .. Does the above paragraph sound like a crazy rant of a guy whose heart is full of envy ? Cos' that is what it is...

Actually, i'm just kidding, i'm really happy for him cos' i think he really deserves this and prolly even much more.

Other Tidbits

Srikanth'll be getting a Canon Powershot A590 IS for Venki when he gets back. It costs wonly 150$ in the US. So handed over venki's 7k INR to him, pretty good deal considering the same cam costs 11k at the Canon showrooms here in Chennai. Point to be noted: this money was earned completely through his blog by making sponsored posts. Isn't that cool ? I think its cool ..

My first time on the Kathipara flyover, and damn its awesome. I just knew a section of the junction was opened for traffic a couple of months back. But then i assumed it was the Mount road section ( guindy railway station towards the airport), but then today found out the section that was opened was actually the one from 100-feet road towards the Airport. Right from the time we started off, i kept thinking bout' all the traffic i would need to cross at Kathipara. I estimated it would take me a minimum of 20 mins, but cos' of the flyover ( which actually has 4-lanes for each direction) i did it in 2. Wow ..

Ripped my Dio real hard on the way back, throttle constantly pinned at 80Kmph and on certain longer sections the needle would climb up to 90Kmph, thats the max speed on my Dio so far with no favorable gradient whatsoever. Dropped to sane speeds once i crossed the Kathipara junction and cruised at 50Kmph all the way till home.

Thats pretty much all,

Now, i'll get back to watching a few episodes of Heroes and then crash.

More Later..


traveler said...

gosh he is one super dude! maybe lucky but is still wonderful gettin all those offer n experience! everyone would be jealous!

Cartier said...

wow, he sure got a lot of experience.

Balakrishnan R said...

Thats awesome da ... International conference???!!!! Terrific ... i never knew... so when is he coming back

Guru said...

He'll be back on 6th.. Extended stay there with a cousin of his .. Imagine, he's vacationing in US of A with half his expenses paid by his college.

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