Saturday, May 31, 2008

Venki and his Pulsar 220.

This one is long due..

Venki got his Pulsar 220 delivered last Tuesday. Here are some pics ..

Venki and his 'Pudhu Vandi'

The Evil Eye ( fuckin' awesome pilot lamps .. )

More pics - 1|2|3|4|5|6|7

First Impressions.

The gear shifts are very non-Pulsar like; i reached neutral on my first attempt almost every single time.

The bike is being 'run-in' ( no break-in this time .. no risks with a 88k INR bike), so i've not taken her over 4k rpm ( the bike redlines at 9.5k rpm) or 65 Kmph. But the extra power is so obvious, just a little blip on the throttle at any rpm above 3k - the bike shoots forward real quick. Can't wait to rip her when the run-in thingy is over .

The headlamps are awesome. Actually they are just super bright, need to take the bike out at night to see how effective the headlamp throw is.

I'm too tall for the bike (6'1"), my knees butt into the front fairing when i sit normally. I need to sit at the rear most part of the front seat to avoid that( which is impossible when with a pillion).

Braking is superawesome, don't know if it is cos' of the rear disc brakes ( which i don't use much anyways) or cos' of the overall balance even on hard braking.

Self canceling indicators are confusing.

Exhaust note is loud and bass y, some might say it sounds like an autorickshaw .. But, i'm okay with it.

The 120/80 rear tyre adds muscle to the rear end of the bike, this becomes totally necessary cos' the front end is huge with the fixed fairing, rvm's from the fairing et al.

The exposed chain makes it very high maintenance, also the excess grease from the chain splatters over the alloy rims, so with the DIY chain care we need to be really careful, excess oiling could screw your clothes.

The pillion seat is screwed up, its tiny and has a weird shape, also the padding is not sufficient. My arse starts hurting just after 10 km..

More later .


rahman said...

I dunno who venki is, but that's one hell of a sexy bike you got there dude!
Have fun..

dilip said...

dai....u made mistake alright,the bike is a "he" (remember definitely male??) not a "she".When i took it a wee bit over 4k rpm it gave me jitters,the torque is damn good, it just pulled me forward.

Ela said...

So what is the final verdict? pidichirukka illayae? but it does look damn sexy!
one of our colleagues here owns BMW bikes....everytime when he brings them i stand next to that alteast for a minute and use to think if this bike is a male then defintely i would go out on a date with it!

Guru said...

@Dilip: To me bikes always 'she'.. I'm straight you see ;)

Totally agree with you on the torque part ..

@Ela: Final verdict wonly after i complete my post.

Also, need to redline the engine first before starting to judge a vandi.

For now, the bike totally rocks ..

And i love beemers bigtime, the smaller models ( not the huge cruisers though) - i think its the F650 or something, i saw one here in Chennai, very practical for our Indian riding conditions.

Arun Sundar said...

Lost track of bikes long time ago,
Would love to take a ride sometime though!

The Victorious.. said...

I hope my brother doesn't read this post.. :)

Venkat said...

Sitting as a pillion on any bike is such a pain... Rather I'd be comfortable riding it... ;)

Moreover I don't wanna hurt your ass and hence only solo rides here after ;)

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