Saturday, June 21, 2008


Kamalhassan wanted 10 roles in a movie , there is no possible way he could've squeezed in 10 roles in a normal ( sequential, logical) storyline. So he chose - Chaos theory. Characters could appear randomly and fade out when not required and still the story would move on. I don't see why everyone made a huge fuss about the story, this movie does not require a story period.

The make-up and the CG could've been better, thats the only sore point. The movie works on two levels; for the masses its the high adrenalin chases, nice humor, a kill every few minutes by Fletcher and the like. And for the people who look for story, logic etc. there is the concept that random events happening to different people has an effect on the final story. This is good enough for me..

Don't have too much to say about Kamalhassan's acting, dialog delivery etc. cos' i watched the movie at home. A lame cam print is all i could get, the video was very poor and the audio was half a second out of sync.

More later ..

But people who haven't seen the movie yet - you need to ignore all the 'no story' reviews and check it out for yourself.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

LA Confidential & The Negotiator

Two Kevin Spacey movies in two days. After being stuck with a string of mediocre movies the whole of last week, finally i get to watch some good ones. Two good cop movies both with the basic good cop vs bad cop plot.

'The Negotiator' was the better one methinks, now this movie is not to be confused with Frederick Forsyth's novel by the same name (the movie is not an adaptation of the book, which actually would have been good too). This movie also has Samuel L Jackson ( 'Jules' from Pulp Fiction) as Danny Roman, who is this expert police negotiator who has to becomes a hostage taker himself after he gets framed for the murder of his partner and also for embezzlement of employee funds. The movie is about him clearing his name and also finding the people behind those crimes. Kevin Spacey is the negotiator called in to handle this situation and he ends up helping Danny find the bad guys in the department. Great movie ..

LA confidential has another fav actor of mine, Russell Crowe and also Guy Pearce ( the guy from 'Memento'). Three cops (re)investigate a cafe shootout in their own different ways, after they are convinced that the guys who were arrested for the crime weren't involved with it. Their search for the true criminals leads them back into their own department. Also this movie has the superhot 'Kim Basinger' in it. A very trigger happy movie .. Pretty good ..



Its so nice to catch up with old friends from school, right ? Today i got to speak( on YM) to this girl from my class at school after a long time. She's always been on my messenger list, but we never seemed to be online at the same time ( cos' i guess she's not an internet freak like me) so we never really spoke ever. Now, this girl - i've known her really well, i remember back during school times ( in the eighth class i think) she was my sworn enemy in class. All i can remember about her is the fights/arguments we've had. But then after 12th i started being 'normal' and we knew each other through a mutual friend of ours. Normal, casual conversations happened ..

Coming back to the point, this girl i'm talking about - she got placed in CTS ( it was placement time at her college today). That was what started the conversation on YM and after that the discussion moved on to other things like her personal life and we finally settled on 'school'. The 'school' talk did not last for very long but still it kinda made my day ( i've had a very boring day otherwise). Very nostalgic.

My point - School was 'nice' .. She's 'nice' too ..

Thats pretty much all ..


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