Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Its so nice to catch up with old friends from school, right ? Today i got to speak( on YM) to this girl from my class at school after a long time. She's always been on my messenger list, but we never seemed to be online at the same time ( cos' i guess she's not an internet freak like me) so we never really spoke ever. Now, this girl - i've known her really well, i remember back during school times ( in the eighth class i think) she was my sworn enemy in class. All i can remember about her is the fights/arguments we've had. But then after 12th i started being 'normal' and we knew each other through a mutual friend of ours. Normal, casual conversations happened ..

Coming back to the point, this girl i'm talking about - she got placed in CTS ( it was placement time at her college today). That was what started the conversation on YM and after that the discussion moved on to other things like her personal life and we finally settled on 'school'. The 'school' talk did not last for very long but still it kinda made my day ( i've had a very boring day otherwise). Very nostalgic.

My point - School was 'nice' .. She's 'nice' too ..

Thats pretty much all ..


vidhya said...

Too much feeling on that girl huh?? :P ;)
Howz your placements going on ??

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