Saturday, July 26, 2008


I've now started reading books to kill time in class.

First, made a mistake by starting off with 'The Three Mistakes of my Life' by Chetan Bhagat. I think this is the worshest book i've read ever.

I borrowed the book from a friend, just to check if CB was worth all the hype he generates around here.

He sucks.

I know this sounds a little 'too much'; I really think i can write rant better than him. When 'I' start feeling this way, the guy has really screwed up, right ?

Next, i moved on to 'The God of Small Things' by Arundhati Roy.

Very Impressive and i should say this book 'high level', In all my life I don't ever remember rereading lines over and over to understand the meaning. I even had to look up a few words on the online dictionary after i got back home. The narration style is simply awesome methinks, i sometimes found myself smiling for no reason at all. Everything about this book is awesome.

Pliss read if you can, and you'll not be disappointed. I promise.

Next up for class reading, The Lord of The Rings, my sister has all the three volumes in a single book ( must be atleast 4-5 inches thick), the wonly prob is i'll have to carry it to college everyday. Also its going to be a little difficult to hide a book of this size when class is on. Anyways ..

btw, any book suggestions ? Pliss leave a comment.

I'm thinking i'll read Archer's 'Kane and Abel' after this. Wot think ?


rahman said...

hey come on dude...CB doesn't suck all that much.
True, after Five Point Someone, the remaining two books have been a bit of a downhill journey (agreed, too much blood and gore in 3) but he's one of my inspirations for writing.
Rock on!

Ela said...

I have read God of small was not bad but i remember thinking that i was not so impressed...

ThanaMoi said...
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ThanaMoi said...

Seems like an intersting book.. will go check it out in the college library tomorrow :)

Parthasarathy S said...

May be you should read Five Point Someone... thats the best of CB's works.

Apart from that try and read Paulo Coelho, you can start with The Alchemist, then move on to his other works, like 11 minutes...

Guru said...

@Rahman: This third book is crap according to me, like his lectures on communal terrorism, cricket etc. were just personal rants, it never looked like a proper book anytime. And the way the story twists and turns to include all the major incidents in Gujarat and India is so filmy.

@Ela: I really liked god of small things.. Its a real pity there is only one book by Arundhati Roy.

@Thanamoi: Yep, you should check this out.. Pretty decent book ..

@Parthasarathy S: I've kind of read the first half of 'five point someone'. The ebook i found just had the first 11 chapters.. After i finished them i was not really interested enough to buy/borrow the book from someone to complete it. I did not even bother searching for a full ebook ..

And, thanks for the suggestions. I'll surely try Paulo Coelho next.

Rajeshwari Ganesan Iyer said...

Kane: One of the few characters I fell in love with and read the book just for him... Read the book. you'd not regret it.
And yeah! I agree... Chetan Bhagat SUCKS. Worse is Danielle Steel!! She is downright HATEABLE!!

Arun Sundar said...

Have u read Five point someone and one night at call center by CB? He is a good writer I'd say. I havent read his latest book though. But five point someone was simply awesome.

Arun Sundar said...

And try Ayn Rand's books. Or P.G.Wodehouse's collections.

Guru said...

@RG: Yep, Kane and Abel will be next then. Thanks.

And i think Steel is good, i started off in 10th standard with Steel wonly, cos' i depended on my sis for books, she is/was a big Steel fan. I remember her books being more about people/emotions rather than events/action. I kind of liked it. So putting Steel below CB is remba over. Comeon she's not so bad.

@Arun: I've read half of five point someone, it was not bad. That was the reason i started with his new book. But this one truly sucks, you should read this and check it out for yourself. And ya, i'll check out Rand and P.G Wodehouse soon, never read any comedy novels ever, and a lot of people have suggested PGWH, must surely try him. Thanks bro.

Shrav said...

Kane and Abel was the first book with which I kickstarted my reading!! And it was a beautiful book! Jeff Archer rocks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chetan bhagat is shit! his first book was Ok, second was horrible and I didnt event hink about the 3rd!

You might want to read "Absolute Power" by david baldacci.

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