Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Reason i went to see JTYJN on Saturday - ARR's music, Genelia D'souza and Aamir Khan Productions ( in that order). What i got was just an ' okay' bollywood teen flick . But then the superawesome music and the cool main characters kinda made up for all the general drabness.

A few general points.

- I find it very difficult to appreciate the humor in the movie ( i understand the lines .. no prob) but i just can't seem to sync with the crowd when it comes to laugh outs ( very few good ones in the movie actually).

Imagine this .. Everyone in the theater bursts out laughing for a scene which you don't find even mildly humorous. And for other scenes where you think there is a real subtle, laugh-worthy humor the crowd totally ignores it, and you have to check your burst out in milli-seconds to stop embarrassing yourself.

- The movie has a slew of guest appearances, Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Sohail and Arbazz Khan. I hated them all, too loud, jarring.. so irritating. I understand that Bollywood is one big brotherhood and all that, but this many needless 'guest appearances' is not necessary methinks.

- The movie gets very slow in the second half, sometimes it looks as if the film is moving in slow motion by mistake, every character on screen takes his/her own sweet time to deliver their lines and they talk at 5 words per min, take a small power nap before they react to lines and damn even they start moving slow. Bugging ..

- The only adjective that comes up when I think 'Genelia' is Sweet.

More later..


*Sajith* said...

WOW.! you saw the movie and never leaked a word about that.. &@&*^&$#.!

anyway, If its a movie in which AR sprinkled his musical talents on, no wonder the movie's a musical hit.. you need not write "AR music was outstanding" "AR was awesome" and all.. Thala da..

and how is that macha..? everybody in the theater can understand the joke except you..? and every scene you thought might be a comedy scene did not happen to be one..? that means, macha, you're weak in hindi.. don worry bud, i'll teach you.. lolzz..

Ela said...

ippa enna unakku holidays aa?!

Petitehye said...

Hi how are you? Just dropping by to say hello and tell you that I enjoyed reading your posts.

Guru said...

@Ela: Nope .. College reopened long back .. :(

Shrav said...

The music is good, but I didn't like the movie as well.. No real story line!! Stupid! I made a review too!! Maybe you could check it out!

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