Tuesday, August 12, 2008


India won its first ever gold in an individual event. Wow ..

I was looking around for Olympics updates when i found this.

100,000 ? Isn't that too much ?

Lets see the stats already available.

130,000 condoms were given out at Athens in 2004.

According to the wikipedia entry on Athens Olympics, a total of 10,625 athletes with 5,501 team officials participated in the games.

So around 16,000 in all, lets say there were 8,000 men approx.

130,000/8,000 = on an average, 16.25 condoms per male.

The games happened from August 13 to 29 = 17 days.

I know a lot of rubber would've gone unused, mostly cos' men are very optimistic about their chances and might just end up carrying extra condoms hoping to get lucky, and prolly' a good number was wasted ( at least according to me) for other activities which don't really require the participant(s) to use a condom.

Even with all that, thats still a lot of sex. Wot think ?

Just an observation..

Bonus link- check this out.


Arun Sundar said...


You know condoms work only 97% of the times? And so wearing just one might not be always sufficient.

Ela said...

Amam puthi saalikala....enna oru economics, enna oru calculations!

Pekanbaru! Riau said...

congratulation india!

rahman said...

The math is infallible!!!

ThanaMoi said...

hey Guru...
I have an award awaiting for you in my blog.. come and get it buddy...


deyimler said...

wasted rubber

Playboy said...

Men should use condoms regularly becuase it has become necessity...

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