Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sakkarakkati - The Movie - Review

Totally awesome!! Can a movie be this good ? Seriously .. Wow.

A must watch for all movie buffs, heck anyone who understands the language should see this movie. You're missing a piece of history if you miss this movie, cos' IMO this is the suckiest movie ever ever made in Thamizh film history. For all the pre-release hype it generated it set new disappointment lows. And, now before you start arguing about how this other movie is the baddest movie ever, go watch this.. There is no way it can get shittier than this. I'm serious ..

The hero, looks kind of good. Okay, i'm done saying one good thing about the movie. I'll start now ..

First of all, if i remember right, a movie needs to have 'actors' in it. I don't know how the people who made the movie forgot that very basic point. There was not a single living thing in the frame which could 'act' in the whole 3 hours running time of this movie. A guy in the theatre said this about the hero - quote ' anju paisa kudutha aai nooru rubaiku nadikiran da ivan' unquote, a crude translation would be 'after taking 5 paisa he's acting for 500 rupees worth'. One word to sum up everything - OVERACTING, down to every last person in the cast.

One more good thing about the movie. The hero has taken a lot of effort to make the movie Deaf-friendly. Now thats so noble and all that, but then what about the rest of us normal people. What do we do ? Damn.. I mean.. why does he have to emote every single little word he speaks. I understand words like 'sorry', 'hello' etc. etc. without him having to act out 'sorry', 'hello', bledy he even acts out YES, NO and then every other damned line that leaves that mouth throughout the movie. That sucks.

Now, talking about the lines in the movie. Not a single line, i mean not a 'single' line is good( i even waited till the end credits to see if the script writer let one 'not-sucky' line through. Never happened). Every line makes you want to throw up, total shit. Its like someone decided to make a movie, and the guy in charge of the script failed to turn up on the day of the shoot and they decided to shoot the scenes with junk dialogues, and then someone forgot to put the real script at the dubbing table and then the screwed up dialogues were dubbed in by mistake. ( This is a rant blog, okay ?)

Now, the people who made the movie wanted it to look/sound cool. So, they decided to have 'cool' English dialogues. Now for one, the movie already had a sucky script writer who couldn't write sensible lines in thamizh, he was given the job of writing 'english dialogues' too.

Mistake 1: no one bothered to find out if he knew the language, or if he knew about the existence of this thing called 'grammar'.

Mistake 2: Too bad, the actors weren't that good either, or they were too busy 'acting' their lines; they never cared to find out if the dialogues were any good.

Result: Every few minutess some crappy engleesh dialogue is spoken by someone on screen. Now i can stand crappy peter lines, not a big problem that.. But the stupid, fake-cool-accent is too much.

The heroines, they do what they were hired to do - expose their bods. And i should say they look pretty good, but then the rest of the movie sucks so much that you just can't get yourself to watch the screen with a neutral mind. So we hate the whole thing anyways .. The same thing with the music, ARR made an awesome soundtrack for this movie, and they've used it in the worst possible way ever. We get to see a lot of movies where ARR's songs are screwed up with stupid picturization. This movie sets again sets new standards for sucky picturization. All the songs except 'Taxi Taxi' have anime backgrounds, which sucks.

Story - Non-existent.

My weirdest dream has more logic than this movie's 'story' i thinks.

I could go on.. My point simply is this .. Stupid Movie.. Don't ever watch it.



VJ said...

Iam sorry machan...wanted to present you this ,for you to enjoy throughout...But really sorry for your 90bucks..

And the movie ain't a 3 hour one,it was just 2 hours i guess...check out..
At least the drector was that kind enough :)

Yayathy said...
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Yayathy said...

Did you see the movie?
I heard it not worth watching it

dilip said...

I took a wise decision of choosing to go to SA-RO-JA instead of this crappy shit one. :D

Abhishek said...

I am a Hindi guy but since I am a big big fan of ARR, I follow all his movies and hence this one also.

Everyone has said that they have ruined songs with bad picturization. I liked your review and am surprised that this movie is this bad!

Won't have watched it anyways since 'Tamil teriyad' :)

Jessica Web said...

Hehe, very funny but also very useful review. I really like how you have wrote it, you mentioned every important aspect for movie criticism. It is really sad that people waste money on directing such a movies. And for sure, after this review, i won't be watching this movie for any money.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

lol.. I was wondering if you were describing about Sakkara katti reading the first 2 lines of this post..

Man, this is the worst ever movie made. No storyline and the hero's "so called" acting was even more irritating ..

Elixer said...

I read the first line of ur blog...and i thought 'What is wrong with this fella...time 2 give a piece of my mind'. Then,i coutinued to read...and let out a sigh of relief! Good! At least someone is aware. Their irking fake accent( their attempt in potraying the rich indians)is the worst. They sound like their tongues are in knots when they speak tamizh. Tamizh vazhga!!!...ROFL

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Though its a nice review but I don't think that the Movie is interesting.

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