Wednesday, October 22, 2008, what think ?

I'm having my study holidays right now, and as always this is the time i develop this sudden urge to spend more time on my blog. This time i thought i needed to do something more than just write a few rant posts, so i decided to buy a domain name for my blog.

If you look up at my blog url you'll know why i'm so desperate to buy a domain name of all things. When i started this blog two years back ( well.. almost) i entered a simple blog url, but then that name was taken and i had to try again. This went on for some time till when i realized all the good url's ( even the url's) were taken, i had to either rack my brains and think of a good, short url for my blog or i could just enter a lot of words in that space and know it wouldn't be taken and then move on with the blog. What i did is for you all to see.

Like i said i ended up with a long long url, which even i find irritating to type out. One of the advantages of blogging on Blogger is that i can always change my blog url in seconds, but that would be a stupid thing to do right now. After having used this url for 2 years I'll have to go around informing my url change to everyone( at least to the few who bother), all backlinks will stop working, and worst of all i will become invisible to Google again and i will lose all my search engine traffic.

When i went domain scouting this time i had my priorities in place, i needed a real short, easy to spell,remember domain name and something i could relate to ( not some arbit 'myveryownrandomsomething') .

I've been interested in '' for sometime now, i kept following the domain's ownership cos' the guy who had the domain was not using it and the term was nearing its end and i was hoping to snap it up if it went un-renewed, but that was not to be. Some domain auctioneer lapped it up as soon as the domain became available and according to his Sedo page his expected price is '3500 Euros'. :P Now i know that no amount of bargaining will bring the price down to my levels, so i decided to try '' where 'em' is to make up for 'm'.

http: //

Okay, now pliss tell me what you think ...

I know the way stuff like this is generally done, i need put up a poll with 4-5 options and ask you to choose, but i swear i don't have any more suggestions. It'll be so great if any of you could suggest a name. TIA.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

So what ?

Yep, Sachin did become the highest scorer in tests and ya thats pretty good and all that.

So what ?

Bledy, Everyone puts up a Sachin display pic or they change their orkut profile name to 'Sachin - XXXXXXXXXXXX', where XXX may be some crap like 'rename cricket as sachin','the unbeatable champ','the god even atheists believe in','the master has done it'.

Now what does that prove or do ? Move on da.. Its just a f'ckin game.

Ya, i get they love his game so much, he's awesome et. al. but isn't all this build up konjam too excessive ? And when i'm waiting for this to pass, the Indian team is in a very good position in the Second test match against Aus. So, god forbid if they manage to win this, 'it'll' start again.

P.S: I'm not a Sachin hater. I hate Cricket.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

About Me

This blog is almost 2 years old. I'm sure a lot has changed about the way i write, think, express my thoughts since my first blog post and now. I started posting comments on blogs, forums long before i started this blog, and today I happened to revisit this site and i just could not believe 'I' wrote all that. I'm talking about those immature arguments, unnecessary sarcasm, needless show-offs and every extra line of text that was not-needed. There are loads of 'such' stuff on the www that i would love to erase or at least take my name away from. But, that is the easy way out, right ? Either that, or i could take something from this and make sure i'm more sensible when talking, writing things that are 'good' or at least 'not-bad' when i look back a few years from now.


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