Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The latest episode of Dexter is buffering in another tab and i thought i'll write something till that is done. So if you're not as bored/wasted as me, there are better ways to spend your time on the WWW.

I joined facebook last week, Orkut was getting too boring for me, i'm stuck with a constant number of friends/scraps. I've reached a saturation level i guess by adding/talking/scraping everyone i remotely know, there are no more 'hey .. remember we were in the same class till the 8th class .. nice to catch up with you again ..' add requests. Scrapping classmates to ask 'wots up?' is not 'okay' anymore. No more interesting girls whose profile i can visit and then cross my fingers waiting for them to visit back ( as if that means anything).

So.. I created a FB account and started searching for 'friends' to add. First thing i noticed was the fresh looking user interface which was a few hundred light years ahead of the html-ised orkut interface( i recently found out that Orkut was not even optimized for wide-screen monitors). Now first, on FB the colors were really soft and (cliché alert) easy on the eye, which is a relief cos' orkut has this new option called 'profile themes', and almost everyone has set their profile colors to thick black, bright yellow or the 'mtv roadies theme' which imo is the worst theme ever.

FB has reduced the number of pageloads by using in-page popups for most actions (adding friends/sending messages) this reduces delay b'w pages and there are no full page reloads for even the simplest of actions, like in Orkut. This means i can use FB without bothering to pause my torrent downloads, when each Orkut page would take 15 secs to open up when a download is on.

One other thing i noticed is FB has screwed up a bit on profile security. When users are allowed an option to block 'non-friends' from viewing their profiles, this validation happens only when you enter the profile page directly. But it is possible to enter even restricted photo albums if you enter through a different path. This is how you do it..

you're A, B is your friend, C is B's friend.

To enter C's photo album you just need to find a photo in which 'C has tagged B', or wait for 'B to comment on a photo in C's album'. When either of these things happen the update comes up on B's wall and you can enter C's album through there.

There is no user validation( ie. checking if the accessing user is allowed into the profile) if you enter through a photo ( this i've found out for now) and i'm sure there are a lot more holes like this one. Orkut on the other hand has a slick security system in place(AFAIK).

In the last two paragraphs, i might've sounded like this desperate guy looking to enter/view other profiles/albums by all crooky methods. Well i'm bored of all that actually..

Got to go.. the buffering should be over by now..


Friday, November 14, 2008

Vaaranam aayiram - Movie review.

...will be up here in 6-7 hours from now(hopefully), going for the evening show at Sathyam Cinemas with friends.


Edit: Here is the review as promised... and i'm sorry Rahman for the false alert.

First of all i'm not going to say anything about the 'story' part at all. Any discussion about how good/logical/bad the story is would be useless cos' this is not a movie you see for its 'story/music/screenplay etc.', but you need to watch it for the magic it creates within you (IMO).

Gautham and Surya together have made a very sincere movie with so much effort, i would've watched it even if it were boring/dull/useless.. and... then they actually made it 'interesting/awesome/true/pure/(all possible positive adjectives for describing movies)'. Wow.. What more could I ask for ? The film's sincerity makes up for all the tiny flaws it has. The movie might be 3 hours or so long, some people might call this movie a 'drag', but not for me. There was this moment in between the movie when i felt i wanted it to go on forever without an end.

Nothing i say would be enough here. I could write on for a few hours about this movie if i wanted to and still have so much left unsaid.

Can't wait to rewatch it again... for me this movie is a perfect 10.


just go watch it and tell me what you think of it.. i'm waiting to discuss the movie with other people..

Edit 2: I open the paper today and got to read this VA 'review' by 'Bhama Devi Ravi'.

@her: Never find fault with an artist for not doing what he never set out to do in the first place'. Gautham menon never said he was making a 'muvee' and your review goes to all lengths to tell us how and why this isn't a normal muvee.. and that is exactly what is wrong with your review. You need to understand the intentions of the director and then check if he did a good job of what he wanted to do ithinks.



Sunday, November 9, 2008

On Cricket(again)...

I don't even have to link to this to tell you what i'm talking about, you could just scroll down two posts to see my 'hate rant' on cricket, the one i wrote less than 20 days back.

And now... I've got my semester exams ( i'm not in the 'study hols' before exams, but i'm actually in the middle of my exam schedule) and all i do in the days between my exams is watch cricket. Yep.. the very game i 'totally despised/puked at the mention of/knew was for losers' some 3 weeks back, that very game. I can't seem to get away from it now, i started with following ball-by-ball text commentary on cricinfo and now moved on to watching live streaming on the net( cos' i don't get the channel on TV). I wait for the preview, review articles at the end of the day on cricinfo and i've even started reading a few cricket blogs. I look up future match fixtures and check which matches i'll be able to watch and right now i'm even planning on buying tickets for the Champions League matches at Chennai. whoaa.! thats one major jump from being a cricket 'hater' to become a 'fanatic', don't you think ?

I blame it on my exams, i desperately look for a distraction to put off studying and this time it is cricket. :(. Waiting for this phase to pass, i like the cricket hater 'me' better.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Of Friends...

This friend called me up at 10pm and asked me to come out of my house and meet up with him. Now what is so not-normal about this ? I know this guy from my first semester in college (three years back that is) and we were in the same class for like 6 months. He was one of my first friends in college and we all had this small close knit group back then, it was fun. I shifted classes after that and we really never saw much of each other. We exchanged 'hi 's' when we crossed each other in college, the occasional meetp-ups when i sometimes went over to see guys from my old class, that was all.

And today all of a sudden he turns up and starts talking about how much he's wanted to catch up with me all these years and goes on to speak about wanting to stop by to just see me every time he goes past my place and how it never happened till today et. al. . I was seriously touched. We then were talking about 'those times' for sometime and he left with promises to meet more often.

I don't think he knew... he made my day


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