Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The latest episode of Dexter is buffering in another tab and i thought i'll write something till that is done. So if you're not as bored/wasted as me, there are better ways to spend your time on the WWW.

I joined facebook last week, Orkut was getting too boring for me, i'm stuck with a constant number of friends/scraps. I've reached a saturation level i guess by adding/talking/scraping everyone i remotely know, there are no more 'hey .. remember we were in the same class till the 8th class .. nice to catch up with you again ..' add requests. Scrapping classmates to ask 'wots up?' is not 'okay' anymore. No more interesting girls whose profile i can visit and then cross my fingers waiting for them to visit back ( as if that means anything).

So.. I created a FB account and started searching for 'friends' to add. First thing i noticed was the fresh looking user interface which was a few hundred light years ahead of the html-ised orkut interface( i recently found out that Orkut was not even optimized for wide-screen monitors). Now first, on FB the colors were really soft and (cliché alert) easy on the eye, which is a relief cos' orkut has this new option called 'profile themes', and almost everyone has set their profile colors to thick black, bright yellow or the 'mtv roadies theme' which imo is the worst theme ever.

FB has reduced the number of pageloads by using in-page popups for most actions (adding friends/sending messages) this reduces delay b'w pages and there are no full page reloads for even the simplest of actions, like in Orkut. This means i can use FB without bothering to pause my torrent downloads, when each Orkut page would take 15 secs to open up when a download is on.

One other thing i noticed is FB has screwed up a bit on profile security. When users are allowed an option to block 'non-friends' from viewing their profiles, this validation happens only when you enter the profile page directly. But it is possible to enter even restricted photo albums if you enter through a different path. This is how you do it..

you're A, B is your friend, C is B's friend.

To enter C's photo album you just need to find a photo in which 'C has tagged B', or wait for 'B to comment on a photo in C's album'. When either of these things happen the update comes up on B's wall and you can enter C's album through there.

There is no user validation( ie. checking if the accessing user is allowed into the profile) if you enter through a photo ( this i've found out for now) and i'm sure there are a lot more holes like this one. Orkut on the other hand has a slick security system in place(AFAIK).

In the last two paragraphs, i might've sounded like this desperate guy looking to enter/view other profiles/albums by all crooky methods. Well i'm bored of all that actually..

Got to go.. the buffering should be over by now..


Ela said...

Well....u will grow up kiddo ;)

These sites, for people like me, are the source of keeping in touch with people whom we have left at some point of life and moved ahead...although i am bored at times, so end up searching the net and ending of reading/finding a lot of things, i usually don't think that such networking sites are for me to have some fun...i have few other options for that!

I am also in face book, where i keep in contact with my international friends who have moved ahead with their life! So u see, things will be what u want them to be! It's nothing wrong in asking someone new to be friend, but after that u have to put some energy and time into that...u just can't get bored with that and move on to something else...

And i am taking offence with the statement below, esp. that i have joined Orkut few months ago!
"No more interesting girls whose profile i can visit"

Sachin Malhotra said...

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Guru said...

@Ela: So you 'are' as wasted as me.. Good..

Ya, you're right.. I don't really have any use for these networking sites cos' i still get to meet up, talk to people i know and for people who've moved away( and for people who matter) there is always IM. I'm not really the kind who would want to keep tabs on a few hundred 'friends' through a networking site.

maybe later..

and reaching out to new people on orkut/FB is something i'm not comfortable with right now. A lot of people i know find new 'friends' on orkut, they find people to discuss their career with, people to go out with.. For me, starting a conversation is difficult. Again, prolly later..

And, Ela(varasi) Dharmalingam pliss add me in.. :)

-=A.R.N.=- said...

That's a real thorough analysis of facebook dude; I've never really paid much attention to the fact that by having pop-ups, you save on page load times.

But personally I prefer orkut to FB because of the "familiarity" feel it has. FB is kinda new and strange to me...besides, most of my friends are only on orkut.

p.s. lol at the "no more interesting girls' profiles to visit"!

aalcyndore said...


Arun Sundar said...

As an observed fact, orkut is more for desis and FB for firangis!

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