Sunday, November 9, 2008

On Cricket(again)...

I don't even have to link to this to tell you what i'm talking about, you could just scroll down two posts to see my 'hate rant' on cricket, the one i wrote less than 20 days back.

And now... I've got my semester exams ( i'm not in the 'study hols' before exams, but i'm actually in the middle of my exam schedule) and all i do in the days between my exams is watch cricket. Yep.. the very game i 'totally despised/puked at the mention of/knew was for losers' some 3 weeks back, that very game. I can't seem to get away from it now, i started with following ball-by-ball text commentary on cricinfo and now moved on to watching live streaming on the net( cos' i don't get the channel on TV). I wait for the preview, review articles at the end of the day on cricinfo and i've even started reading a few cricket blogs. I look up future match fixtures and check which matches i'll be able to watch and right now i'm even planning on buying tickets for the Champions League matches at Chennai. whoaa.! thats one major jump from being a cricket 'hater' to become a 'fanatic', don't you think ?

I blame it on my exams, i desperately look for a distraction to put off studying and this time it is cricket. :(. Waiting for this phase to pass, i like the cricket hater 'me' better.


-=A.R.N.=- said...

Gosh I hope its just a passing phase!

I hate cricket too...and come to think of it, I guess its the only sport in the WORLD that was re-invented 3 times - as Test, OneDay and 20-20.
And any game that needs this kind of repackaging and marketing just to attract crowd attention, must, honestly be a stupid game.

(No offence to any cricket fans...but this IS a fact you know :D)

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