Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yelagiri Ride - Christmas Day 2008


on the NH46, between Vellore and Ambur.

#3(i think) of the 14 hairpin bends


on the way back, on the NH46

self timed shot, had to run across the to get into the pic.

Started from my place at 5.30am, we were out of the city and on the NH4 before 6am, next stop was at Vellore with very few butt breaks inbetween. We held a steady 70 kmph through this stretch of our ride and i started listening to music on my iPod. Highway + Unicorn + relaxed speed + cool climate + AR Music = Bliss. Reached our (now) usual hotel, Hotel Vasantha bhavan near the Vellore bus stand at 8.15 am. Gorged on idlis and dosais, the food is good and cheap here.

Started towards Yelagiri, the route we were to take was, Vellore - Ambur - Vaniyambadi - Ponneri - Yelagiri. The 4-laned NH46 till after Vaniyambadi and the twisty 2-lane state highway towards Ponneri and took the detour towards the hills just after ponneri. The 15Km road up till Yelagiri from here is a treat for bikers with 14 hairpin bends and awesome roads, hard sporty riding is possible, however we did none of that. We were enjoying the view and started riding up at a sedate pace, stopped to take pics along the way and i tried shooting some one-handed videos too. Got to the top just before 11am.

Stopped by to check out the 'lake', the only place of interest in Yelagiri. The travel sites called it a 'tiny man-made lake', so i expected a small pond-like lake but it was way bigger than i expected it to be. Convinced Venki to try boating and we took a two seater pedal boat. After we got on we realized that the pedals were useless and the boat was very slow even when we pedalled real hard, the rudder did not seem to work either(the boat started changing direction even when the rudder was held straight). We let the boat drift on its own after a while and started discussing plans to ride back, eat etc. Hung around in the park overlooking the lake for some more time after the boat ride and then started riding back at 2.30pm (ithink).

The ride downhill was done with our engines turned off and we just rolled down with the help of gravity, but midway I decided to start the bike and try a little bit of hard riding, this went on till i had a close call with a truck on one of the hairpins, i was running a wide line expecting to pass the truck on the outside comfortably, but midway through the hairpin realized the truck was right in front of me on my lane. Somehow managed to avoid crashing into the truck, after the usual exchange of expletives i decided to pull over and wait for Venki to catch up.

Started riding sensibly after that, we made a stop at Ambur on my insistence, for i wanted to try the 'Ambur' biriyani. Vellore was 50 kms away and Venki had to wait till we got there for veggie food. We did pretty good speeds after that to reach Vellore in very quick time, made a stop at the same hotel that we ate in that morning.

Started riding back at 5pm, we were a little delayed and it was beginning to get dark. I find night riding very difficult, so we decided to cover as much distance before the sun went down completely. I began listening to music on my Pod again and we set a steady pace of 85-90 kmph with no breaks till the light went off. Took a long break after that, we were still 50 kms from Chennai and it was going to be night riding all the way back. We dropped to very low speeds of 50-60 kmph till we reached city limits. Got back home at 7.30pm

End of the day i had done 445 kms in all, all of it on my Unicorn ( we never exchanged bikes) and this was the most number of kilometers in a day for me. (I've once travelled 525 kms in a day during my Ooty ride, but most of that was as a pillion).

Got my bike back from the first service today and plans for the next ride have begun already. Hoping to squeeze in a ride to tirupathi before my college reopens next month.

That is all...

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Jaya Tv's interpretation of Pakistan

There was this program on Jaya Tv which ended few mins back, it was called 'Semma Scene' or something like that. It is the kind of program where they show scenes from some recent movie and the anchor craps about some unrelated stuff inbetween scenes. Usually these 'anchors' stick to giving us 'gyaan' on life/love etc. But after the Mumbai attacks they've decided to base their talks on 'terrorism'

Few lines from the today's show -

'manidha uruvula irrkura mirunganga intha pakisthaniyargal, ivanga panratha romba kaalama mannichi vittutom. Inime porumaiya irrukarthula arthame illa, aana namma bathil theevaravathomo vera entha violencea o irrukathu, naama por seithu avangalukku oru paadam karpippom'. - ippo intha scene paathu enjoy pannunga.

Translation- Pakistanis are animals in human form. We have forgiven them for their misdeeds so many times in the past. But this time there is no reason to be patient this time. Our respone won't be terrorism or violence. We'll will go to war and teach them a lesson - now watch this scene from the movie...

:( wtf ? these people are crazy...

btw, me got a new bike. A Honda CBF150S aka Honda Unicorn. Some pics can be found here.


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