Friday, February 27, 2009

MMSC Track Day Experience - 22nd Feb '09


here are some pics. .

had lots of very safe fun, without maxing out the bike cos' the first priority was safety.

wrote this mini-log for the xBhp forum,

I rode 150 kms on my Unicorn, around 35-40 laps ithink, split in 4 sessions. First three sessions were spent in getting to know the track. On corners, the throttle was open just enough to maintain speed and i was on 5th gear most of the time. Experimented and learned the lines for most corners.

The C8 was a little scary, cos' of the crashes. I guess 3 riders crashed on this corner and the scratch marks leading into the grass made me take it easy all the time.

The C6-C7 ( never ender) was fun when done in 4th, like we stay at full lean for more than 5-6 seconds(ithink) and by exiting at 75-80, i could reach my top end of 105 kmph before braking hard to enter the wicked C8. 105kmph was also possible on the back straight (c3-c4) but not on the home straight, prolly' cos' i was a little scared about the C1 bumps and the front wobble, so took the main straight and C1 easy all the time.

The last session was the best, i tried increasing corner speeds intentionally by staying in 4th all the time, opening the throttle immediately after the apex. Too bad the session ended 4-5 laps after i started riding this way.

I did not push my bike to its limits, but i'm happy it went all good. The surface was really asking to be ridden hard on but i stayed within my limits.

I also found out that i had a 'very' weird riding posture, my head stays cocked against the lean and from the pics i've seen it looks quite crazy. I tried to correct my posture for a few laps, but dropped that after i almost ran into the apex and the cement edge thingy when i tried leaning my head into the corner against my natural posture.

My Unicorn was handled beautifully, not a single washout or slip up the entire time. The hard rear suspension setting does wonders on the track, the front was a little soft this made the bike wobble on C1 but otherwise everything was fine.

The first time i got to see the MMSC track at Sriperumbur was two years back, i went there on my scoot to' watch' superbikes at an official track day. I remember standing near the first corner after the straight and ogling (yep) at the bikes and cars that were on the track. And back then, I was happy just to be there and watch all the action from so close up. And now, to actually ride on the track was some huge dream come true for me.

This is not over with the one track day btw, i'm addicted to track riding and i'll try to save up money and prolly' do this once every 2-3 months. :)


Rayees Ahamed said...

cool man , wonderful !

some questions :D ...
How much does it cost ?, was there any racing or what ? pics taken by your friends or they themselves provide(sports photographs) ? how often does this take place ?

well that those pics look great man, nothing weird, its looking good ..

Guru said...

Open to all practice sessions on Sundays cost 400 bucks for two wheelers (four hour sessions, between 9am to 1pm). You just need the basic gear (helmet + jacket + shoes + gloves) to get on the track.

No racing happens in these practice sessions, but some pro riders who come to practice chose to dogfight around the track between them.

And these pics were taken by my friends using simple point-and-shoot cams. No sports photography and all, but there'll be a few shutterbugs on the track with DSLR's and the like, taking very professional-looking pics.

...and being a total track noob, my technique is a little off. Need to correct my faults, unlearn my wrong posture if i want to be faster around the track. And my pics are a little weird when compared to other good riders from that day.

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Dude, the track experience looks wicked!!

I'm sure it musta been loads of fun.

Manvendra Singh said...

I enjoy reading ur blog now and then.By the way can u mail me questions of transition 08 as u have written u noted all of them.Even if u dont remember the questions now please temme their pattern and the areas they are related to.please mail me at .
Happy blogging and godspeed

Rayees Ahamed said...

hey, i was browsing through some tamilnadu guys flickr photo stream, seems he too is like you (I mean Driving style) ....

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