Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the Civil war in SL....

this post is in response to a question( at least the Q got me started on this issue) raised in a comment on this blog post. I first wrote a huge comment, but then thought i would make a response post on my blog instead. The Q will make more sense if you first read the post and the comments following it.

Yayathy: My question is why Indian politicians keep talking about saving the people there and not about killing LTTE terrorists?

my 2 cents,

The TN political parties that protest the military action in SL are all LTTE supporters. Some, like the MDMK, VCK show their direct support, a few others like the DMK do it indirectly by claiming to support the tamils in SL, and so... they end up supporting the LTTE cos' they 'represent the tamils'. Now, the DMK has a two-pronged approach, while the TN govt. part of the DMK has a more neutral stand ( cos' they still are part of the coalition at the center and cos' they cannot possibly openly support a banned organization accused of assassinating a prime minister) and the DMK party otherwise itself has a pro-LTTE policy very similar/close to the MDMK-like parties.

The AIADMK, in my opinion have a more sensible and ballsy stand on the issue - LTTE does not represent SL tamils and they support the flush out happening right now, but as of now they've gone a little soft from being aggressively 'anti-LTTE' to just supporting the cause of innocent civillians caught in the middle of military action. By refusing to support the LTTE, the ADMK is pissing off its vote bank here in TN (i'm sure the opposition will make JJ's support to the SL govt.' a poll issue by making JJ look totally anti-tamil).

No political party would want to directly diss the LTTE, this is cos' popular opinion in TN is still that the LTTE are 'namma aalunga' fighting for tamil freedom. This sympathy is cos' of a lot of things, starting with 'we share the same language'. The first point that comes up when someone pro-LTTE talks about the situation in SL is the inhuman treatment of tamils by the SL army, closely followed by how the tamils are always treated like dirt, no rights, no dignity etc.

The MDMK site has a page about ' Why we support srilankan tamils' and knowing MDMK-Vaiko that literally reads 'Why I(vaiko) support LTTE'. The page starts off with pictures of corpses of tamils killed supposedly by the SL army in the offensive and goes on ( a rant imo) about the tamils oppression history in SL. I've seen some pics, and even videos of the kind of crap that goes on there, and my heart goes out for the people suffering there and i know the situation is real bad. This does not stop me from knowing that there'll surely be an other side to this.

But, there are people who base their opinion/support for the 'LTTE' on such pics, articles about the inhuman crap that goes on there. And i know of people who're so taken in by this content that they speak about 'how prabhakaran is the only hope for tamils in SL' and how we need a leader like him to further our causes. what crap ?

moving on...

About about your views and the comments on Muthukumar's suicide, i don't think it was as simple as you make it out to be. MK did not take his life after a sudden whim or a flash, but his action was a result of careful thought and was properly planned. I just think he deserves a little more respect than what you've given him, for he is someone who believed in social activism(however harsh). He believed in something, and he was ready to go as far as taking his life for that, i might not actually support the way he chose to channel his activism and i think he could've done more good by living on, and continuing his work.

Read the english translation of his last words here to read his views and to see how involved he was in the tamil cause.

Again, i might not agree on his views in the letter, but i see he was someone who believed in what he stood for and had the balls to do something.

I think i made this a rant myself,..well i hope it adds on to the discussion on this post.

more later..

comments invited btw...


Rayees Ahamed said...

that was nicely written guru,

but looking at those pics of corpses really makes me worry. Innocent people are being grilled from both sides. LTTE will neither drop the weapons nor negotiate fruitfull in the same way as they have been doing throughout their history.

Yayathy said...

Even I mean the same point mate. The LTTE are the ones who create so much of problem and the SL army has to defend their country. No one says that they wont support tamils. The LTTE devils block the tamils and create doubts in the minds of the army about attacking the LTTE.

Hope all understood what I said. Regarding MK, the truth is different and it is stated in my comment on my blog.

You feel his death should be respected more. That would have created chaos in India as well. We just cannot respect a coward like behavior of dying when you cant fight for your needs.

Rayees Ahamed said...

guru I agree with yayathy,

self immolation and suicide bombs are something i wont agree at all, they have become a wrong example for all the weak hearts of our society.

Nothing happened/going to happen because of those great-brave-revolutionary-sacrifices.

The problem with our people is that they are always more emotional than rational. If LTTE had been rational, today they could have become a prominent political power in srilanka.

Guru said...


Yep, the pics make me really worried , i've seen pics from a few other conflict zones, and even from the WWII holocaust, but these pics of tamils in SL somehow look more cruel to me. Don't know why..

I remember seeing a video on some tamil forum which had a group of SL army soldiers playing around with dead bodies, i guess that was the day i really woke up to the situation in SL. Sad stuff.. :(


About MK, i just think he deserves some respect, i'm not for the way he expressed his opinion. Well, calling him a coward is BS, cos' damn.. he 'chose' to take his own life, i think that takes some real balls. Let me be clear, he was someone who went to the extent of taking his own life to support the cause he believed in. show me the coward part in this..


Self immolation and suicide bombs are two different things, we're not talking about suicide bombs here cos' i'm sure we all have the same opinion on the issue.

About self immolation, i do not have a simple binary view on this, it cannot be a support/no-support view. My opinion is based on the reasons/intentions.

In this case i think MK's self immolation was to serve a particular purpose. He wanted people to sit up and take note. Read his letter and you'll know this. He was not trying to find a solution through his death ( so people... stop calling him a coward etc.) he was merely trying to get some attention/support for the cause. Which he DID.

Yayathy said...

@Furu: getting attention eh? did Gandhi die to get attention, did mandela die to get attention or did even lincoln die to get attention. Brave and rock hard hearts will fight and die for their needs.


Rayees Ahamed said...


I agree, by intention he was true and did that only to get people´s attention on this issue.

But the decision he has taken is emotional (i would love to call it,"food for nothing"). Immolation is not new in tamilnadu politics, people will forget very soon. Government is not gonna respond/decide its international relationships because of this brave/grave deed. That is why i say these people are emotional than rational.

This culture of immolation is existing in our society only because of the previous bad examples upon which the weak hearts are getting deceived. Perhaps if this culture wasnot there, people would certainly have thought about getting things done in a productive ways.

Attention can be gathered in productive ways, and a mere reason of gaining attention does not justify his action.

Guru, Mr.MK is not the only guy who immolated. in the last month i have read atleast 15 to 20 immolation cases carried out at different parts of the world by tamil people, even they did it in United States. And that makes me suspect this as planned and organised by LTTE in the same way as their Suicide bombers. I suspect so :), and that is why I included suicide bombs along with immolation.

Guru said...

@Y: hmm.. he did not want any attention da, he wanted people to wake up to the issue, and you can clearly see his intentions in the letter. His 'fight' was through getting people to support him.

@Rayees: I don't think his act can be compared to other govt./political party related immolation. In most cases they are not 'self'-immolations at all. Some inspired lower level party believer is picked up and brain-washed with assurances of support to his/her family.

And again, let me stress on this - he did not expect the govt. to give in after what he did, he was merely trying to gather support.

In his letter he addresses different sections of people and asks them for help on the issue. I don't think he has anything to say to the govt. itself.

I somehow cannot compare his act with other senseless political immolations that we've seen before this.

About, the LTTE being behind MK's death. Anything could've happened. He is definitely very strongly inspired by the LTTE ideology, but i want to believe he was better than that( being part of a plan). We'll never know..

Yayathy said...

You say he wants to wake the people up and I say he has provoked the people. If you need to fight then you should be alive and can have the death of Baghat singh. The world will applaud you. not like what MK did.

Ben | Myspace Layouts said...

LTTE has no chance now.Really they must let those innocent civilians go. They are killing their own people to same the lives of their leaders. That's a shame.

Rayees Ahamed said...

last week , in Geneva ,
one more tamil immolation .. boy, i guess the series of immolations are not just incidental but organised ..

Rayees Ahamed said...

statement of LTTE released on 22 feb 2009

“You are aware that our expatriate Eezham Tamils are very active on conductive non-violent protests including extreme self-sacrifice of self-immolation world-wide to show solidarity with us. While the enemy is single-mindendly on a mission to destroy us, I urge you to strengthen our Leader’s hands, and join in this inevitable last battle against our enemy.

reference: http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=28488

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