Saturday, April 25, 2009

another site review from me... :) is a portal that indexes information like lifestyle events, shopping offers, restaurants etc for around the world. A user might choose to subscribe to city specific information through RSS feeds or throught their weekly e-mail newsletters. The content on the site is mostly/all user added, so the amount of updates/info available depends on the number of contributing members in your zone. The amount of user involvement in the site surprises me, one can add a city/town that is not already on the list and start a new network and so on..

The site layout is neat and is mostly informal throughout. The signup page itself is a breeze to fill with a simple form and lets us choose our newsletter options etc. with no hidden finetext, you can simply check a box to stop them from bothering you with any e-mails, and they promise not to ever spam our inboxes after that.

The site might have content for cities around the world, but mainly focuses on UK and London. Detailed routes, maps are available for the locations around London, and the amount of information pertaining to places around the city is huge. A search for 'indian restaurants london' gives around 400 results, a search for 'hostels london' and 'cinemas london' have over 200 results each. Each search result has a user star rating, detailed user reviews, photos, comments etc. and a simple option to locate the spot on the map. The travel info is really extensive, you could get travel directions from your current spot by giving your pincode, you also get the nearest tube & conventional rail station with distances for each spot.

This site in its current state could be useful to someone who is new to London and when the content related to the other 6000 cities gets better, qype could become a global local review site.


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